Down Payment Assistance Programs

Buy A Home With Zero Down!

Your local department of housing and non-profits have set aside millions of dollars to assist people with purchasing a home. 

We work with multiple down payment assistance grant providers to get you the maximum assistance towards your home purchase. We only offer down payment grants which do not have to be repaid. 

All of the down payment grant providers require you to use an approved mortgage lender to ensure the grant money provided is allocated for the purchase of a home. Homepad Lending is one of the approved lenders. 

We may need to contact you if you qualify for multiple programs.



No Down Payment Required


Grant money! Nothing To Repay!


Same Day Approvals



580+ Credit Score Required


Home Must Be Primary Residence


Up To $26,829 Available Per Household

See What Our Clients Have To Say…

Kevin Saltzman
Kevin Saltzman
This place is GREAT. Ryan Harris was amazing to work with and made everything super easy. This is the best plan if you need to take out some cash for a project or whatever. Only pay interest on what you're using! Thank you!
Jay Howe
Jay Howe
Stewart and Christopher are Rock Stars. Communication was great, very informative, and professional and kept things moving on or ahead of schedule. We would definitely go to them again. They make you feel like part of the family 👪
miles ku
miles ku
Stewart and Chris were very helpful, I can express how thankful we are to have met them. We dealt with Stewart for a long time! Followed his plan for us and stuck with it. Now my wife and I are finally in our own home. I absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home.
Alfred Pyne
Alfred Pyne
I'm very excited with the service I received from HomePad Lending. I was able to close on a mortgage in less than 23 days. Agent Ryan Harris was very helpful and friendly.
Laura J
Laura J
We worked with Stewart and Chris in our first home buying experience. We had been working with another lender and they were so difficult to be in contact with. Once we started working with the HomePad team, they responded so quickly with calls, emails and texts. It was great. We actually closed early! Not only were they available for all my questions, they really advocated for us. I would recommend completely to anyone in this journey.
Rachel S.
Rachel S.
Stewart and Chris did an awesome job in helping us with the home buying process. We appreciated their direction and support from start to finish. Thank you so much!!

Popular Questions


What do I need to qualify for the down payment grants?

The main things needed to qualify for the down payment grants are:

-580+ credit score

-income to show you can repay the mortgage

Our program has no income caps, limits or restrictions. There is also no first time homebuyer requirement. 

What if I’m already pre-approved?

If you’re already pre-approved, you will need to apply with Homepad Lending to get approved again for the mortgage and down payment assistance.

Homepad Lending will secure your mortgage and down payment assistance grant as the grant providers do not work with consumers directly. 

How do I know which down payment assistance program is best?

All down payment assistance programs are not created equal. The one distinguishing factor between our down payment assistance grants and other programs is you have no obligation to repay our grants. 

Most down payment assistance programs will place a 2nd lien on the property which will require you to own the property for 3, 5, 10 or even 20 years. Some down payment providers require you to repay the assistance. We have no restrictions on how long you must own the home and we do not require repayment. 

What if I already have a down payment saved? 

You would still be eligible for the grants. You could use the money you saved and the grant money to lower your financed mortgage amount. 

What loan terms are available?

We currently offer a 30-year, 15-year, 10-year and 5-year repayment terms. The draw period where you can take money from the HELOC will range from 2-5 years depending on the term of the loan. 

Are there any pre-payment penalties?

There are no pre-payment penalties for paying off your home equity line of credit early.