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Timing is everything when it comes to homeownership. Seize the freedom to enjoy the benefits of a buyer’s market, all while knowing that we have your back when it’s time to refinance. 

Purchase Process Overview

Get the right loan, find your dream home, get approved, and close in no time!

Optimum Purchase Experience

Enjoy a fast-paced and see-through process that helps you lock in the best rate available and close as fast as possible.

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Embrace the confidence that comes from choosing Homepad for your mortgage needs. With an impressive track record of success, decades of invaluable experience, and a dedicated team committed to your satisfaction, we have consistently delivered exceptional results for our clients.

Our commitment to excellence is echoed in the numerous 5-star reviews we’ve received from satisfied clients who have benefited from our tailored solutions. As a team of seasoned professionals, we are driven by a collective passion for guiding individuals and families on their path to homeownership.

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Prioritizing efficiency without compromising.

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to securing your dream home. That’s why we take immense pride in our swift and efficient processing times that set us apart. Our streamlined procedures are designed to ensure that you experience a seamless and expedited journey from application to approval. On average, our dedicated team works diligently to finalize your mortgage in as little as 12 business days, or just 19 calendar days. Confidently embark on your homeownership venture, knowing that we prioritize efficiency without compromising the thoroughness and accuracy required to make your dreams a reality.

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Why People Choose Us

Our customer-centric approach places exceptional service at the forefront, while our commitment to full transparency ensures that our clients feel empowered and informed every step of the way.


Lower Rates

We assure you that we offer the most competitive rates within the industry.

Committed Team

We commit to securing and safeguarding your chosen interest rate.

Customer Service

We assure you that you’ll experience the utmost level of customer service excellence.

Full Transparency

We are committed to providing you with complete transparency regarding all the details related to your loan.

Our Team

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Our commitment to earning your trust goes beyond the confines of a desk; it’s ingrained in our personalized approach, transparent interactions, and a genuine desire to guide you through your mortgage journey with confidence and peace of mind.

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Ryan Harris

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Stewart Harris

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Jacob Clad

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Getting Started

Purchase Process Overview

We offer a swift and reliable pathway to securing your dreams. Our commitment to efficiency ensures a seamless experience, while our tailored approach guarantees that your individual requirements are met with precision.

STEP 1: We get you pre-approved.

After discussing your loan needs, we verify your income, credit, assets, and liabilities to get you pre-approved. This empowers you to look for properties within your range, better negotiate with the seller, and close your loan quicker.

STEP 2: You make offers on homes.

Once you’ve locked down your preapproval, you can instantly start making offers on homes. Together with your real estate agent, we’ll be by your side every step of the way to make sure you get all the support you need.

STEP 3: Your offer is accepted.

The seller accepts your offer and you’re ready to move forward with the earnest money check and sign the sales contract. Once this step is complete, you can start scheduling the home inspection and appraisal visits.

STEP 4: Underwriting begins.

After all your documents are submitted, we will work on underwriting your loan. This means verifying your financial information and having an appraiser inspect and evaluate the property you want to purchase.

STEP 5: Your loan is approved.

After all your documents are submitted, we will work on underwriting your loan. This means verifying your financial information and having an appraiser inspect and evaluate the property you want to purchase.

STEP 6: You move into your new home.

Now that you’ve signed the documents and your loan is funded, you’ll receive the keys to the property and get ready to move.

It’s time to settle into your new house and call it home!

STEP 7: We keep an eye on your rate.

You found your dream house, but our work for you isn’t done. After closing, we keep a check on your interest rate for lower rate availability and value monitoring, sending you updates on a regular basis.


Client Satisfaction

“We had been working with another lender and they were so difficult to be in contact with. Once we started working with the Homepad team, they responded so quickly with calls, emails and texts. It was great. We actually closed early! Not only were they available for all my questions, they really advocated for us. I would recommend completely to anyone in this journey.”

Laura J.

Home Purchase

“They made the entire process very clear and worked with us to make sure we got exactly what we needed. The whole team was so incredibly helpful!! They were attentive and proactive, patient with all our many questions, and took the time to make sure we knew what was happening every step of the way.”

Phil B.

Home Refinance

“My Wife and I bought our first home through Homepad and it was really quite easy! They made everything as smooth as possible. Ryan understood we were new to this process and took time to explain and help along the way. They were also available almost at any time something came up! I would highly recommend this team as they made the process of home buying extremely simple and easy.”

Garrett B.

First-Time Homebuyer