Investor Cash Flow Loans

This is one of the most popular loan products currently used by seasoned investors. This product allows you to take a loan against almost any investment property as long as the new mortgage payment is less than the rent received by the property. There is no additional income qualification required.

There are no restrictions on how many properties you can own either. This product can be used to do cash-out refinances, rate/term refinances and home purchases as well. These loans are also referred to as NON-QM Loans.

The paperwork is rather streamlined for this product with each loan only requiring only a few documents to qualify. There are no income documents needed to qualify for this loan product. 




-Streamlined Documentation Requirements

-Cash-Out Refinance, Rate/Term Refinance and Home Purchase Allowed

-No Value Seasoning (Can Refinance 1 Day After Owning The Property)

-10+ Properties Allowed

-1031 Exchanges Allowed

-Loan will Close In Approximately 30 Days

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Difference Between An Investor Cash Flow Loan And A Conventional Mortgage Loan? 

Conventional loan products will generally require tax returns, W-2’s and paycheck stubs in order to verify income. An investor cash-flow loan qualifies the income on the transaction based on the rental income received on the property being financed. There are no paystubs/w-2’s or tax returns required to complete this loan process.


What are the interest rates for the investor cash-flow loan? 

The interest rates on this product are nearly identical to conventional investment property interest rates. Most investment property rates are in the high 3’s/low 4’s currently. There are fixed rate products as well as interest only products available as well. You should request a quote to get exact numbers on your loan scenario.

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“Ryan, Rimington, and the team were a pleasure to work with. This was our first home, and after having such a bad experience with the preferred lender, a co worker referred us to them, and the process became so much easier. They were constantly checking in with us and giving us updates so we felt confident with the entire process, even when things got stressful toward the end. They were a constant advocate and fun to talk to and work with. I would recommend them to anyone :)”
Krichia C.

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If you are on the fence about using Homepad Lending like I was initially i can tell you without hesitation you absolutely should! This was by far the easiest, quickest and less stress refi experience I have ever had from beginning to end!
Ryan was so helpful and answered all my questions quickly. Rimi was great and kept in touch every step of the way! Keep up the good work guys!
Mark P.

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“I just wrapped up my refinance with HomePad Lending. Ryan Harris and his brother Rimington, were outstanding. We had an initial issue with debt to income ratios but Ryan found another lender that was willing to work with us. I couldn’t be more happier. I ended up with an additional $375 per month in my pocket thanks to Ryan’s persistence. I highly recommend HomePad Lending for all your financing needs. Thank you Ryan and Rimington!!!!”
David L.

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“Rimington did a great job on processing our refinance. We got a great rate and closing costs were minimal. They closed the loan in less than thirty days and everything went smooth. I would use them again in the future!”
Mark W.

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